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Getting to Know the Campus Champions

We heard from eight different Campus Champions, both old and new, about what they value the most about the Campus Champions program.


Over the past decade, the Campus Champions program, which was started by XSEDE, has become an integral resource for researchers from a variety of disciplines. The Champions, who are based at more than 270 institutions across the United States, are tasked with helping researchers use research computing, and share expertise and resources with their home institutions.

In turn, the Campus Champions Program has expanded to include over 530 Champions, which allows for a vast network of domain experts and administrators who can enable research with advanced computing, even on campuses that don't have any advanced computing resources of their own. From New Mexico State to Harvard, Champions come from a variety of locations and academic backgrounds, and each has a unique story to go along with their time as a Champion.

"The XSEDE Campus Champions Program helps me stay abreast of what's happening around the country in HPC-related areas," said Gowtham, a Campus Champion at Michigan Technological University. "This, in turn, provides solution approaches to our researchers, especially when our in-house resources do not meet their requirements."

"I'm always amazed by how diverse the set of institutions are and how different (and similar) each of our journeys has been," added Scott Yockel of Harvard University.

You can get familiar with some of our Champions on Facebook here, and find a full list of featured Champions below: