XSEDE Scholars Program

10 scholars chosen to engage with XSEDE!

Ten STEM students have been named to the XSEDE Scholars program, an outreach and educational effort that reveals the full reach and potential of XSEDE's resources and services to undergraduates and graduates. This 2015-16 cohort is the fifth generation of this program, which aims to engage with underrepresented groups in computational science.

As part of the XSEDE Scholars program, the scholars attended the Blue Waters Petascale Institute, participated at the XSEDE15 conference leading the Student Speed Networking session, will participate in at least six online technical training and mentoring webinars open to XSEDE Scholars and the general public, will network with leaders in the XSEDE research community and will learn about research, internships and other career opportunities via an online community throughout the year.


Top row: Glenna Dunn, Janette Garcia, Jason Regina, Michael Taft, Juan Castro-Garcia, Jorge Alarcon Ochoa, Wanda Moses. Bottom row: Olivia Irving, Sidafa Conde, Efrain Vargas Ramos.

Seven names to receive $5,000 stipend who will be conducting year-long internships under the guidance of HPC mentors. The students are expected to present their research at XSEDE16/HPC event/webinar, and write a paper/final report.

Jorge Alarcon Ochoa (Rensselaer Polytechnic University; physics)

Glenna Dunn (Vanderbilt University; physics & astronomy)

Michael Taft (North Carolina A&T University; chemical engineering)

Olivia Irving (UCLA; physical chemistry)

Wanda Moses (Clemson University; computer science)

Jason Regina (University of Wyoming; civil engineering)

Efrain Vargas Ramos (University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras; applied mathematics)

Three additional scholars

Janette Garcia (University of Texas-Rio Grande; computer science), Juan Castro-Garcia (Michigan State University; computer science & engineering), Sidafa Conde (University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth; engineering & applied sciences)

For more information on the XSEDE Scholars program, please visit XSEDE.org or email Juliet Stipeche at kjs@rice.edu.


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