XSEDE Governance

Learn about XSEDE's governance and leadership as well as decision-making and performance metrics

The XSEDE project is a collaborative partnership of 17 institutions, led by:

The additional partners that strongly complement these cyberinfrastructure centers with expertise in science, engineering, technology and education can be found on the XSEDE Collaborations & Partnerships page.


The XSEDE vision is of a world of digitally enabled scholars, researchers, and engineers participating in multidisciplinary collaborations while seamlessly accessing advanced computing resources and sharing data to tackle society's grand challenges.


XSEDE exists to enhance the productivity of a growing community of scholars, researchers, and engineers through access to advanced digital services that support open research by coordinating and adding value to the leading cyberinfrastructure resources funded by the NSF and other agencies.

Strategic Goals

  1. Deepen and extend use for existing and new communities through workforce development and efforts that raise awareness of the value of advanced digital services.
  2. Advance the Ecosystem by creating an open and evolving infrastructure and enhancing the array of technical expertise and support services.
  3. Sustain the Ecosystem by providing reliable, efficient and secure infrastructure, excellent user support services, and an innovative, effective and productive virtual organization.



XSEDE uses a balanced governance model that includes strong central management providing rapid response to issues and opportunities, and openness to genuine stakeholder participation from NSF, User Advisory Committee (UAC), Service Provider Forum (SPF) and external advisors who form the XSEDE Advisory Board (XAB)


XSEDE Staff Wiki

The XSEDE Staff Wiki has a section dedicated to KPIs and Metrics. This section is accessible from the Wiki home page in the Project Execution section and is intended for general purpose use.


XSEDE Metrics Dashboard

The XSEDE Metrics Dashboard was created to support in-depth metrics analysis, including trend analysis. It presents multiple views and supports customized views, allowing very detailed metrics analysis. The dashboard is accessible via the XSEDE website and the XSEDE User Portal.


Key Points
Strong central management
Delegated decision-making authority
Stakeholder participation
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