XSEDE Partnerships

Check out the partner institutions funded by the XSEDE Project:

XSEDE is led by the University of Illinois' National Center for Supercomputing Applications. The partnership includes the following institutions:

XSEDE Leadership Committees

XSEDE Leadership Team

John Towns

National Center for Supercomputing Applications
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Kelly Gaither (Co-Pi)

Texas Advanced Computing Center
University of Texas at Austin

Philip Blood (Co-PI)

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Robert Sinkovits (Co-PI)

San Diego Supercomputer Center
University of California San Diego

Tim Boerner (Deputy Project Director)

National Center for Supercomputing Applications
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Questions from the public and the media about the XSEDE project should be directed to:
XSEDE External Relations

Collaborations with Funded Activities

NSF Proposal Title PI/Contact Award Abstract Amount
Mainstreaming Volunteer Computing David Anderson 1105572 $548,546
SI2-SSI: SciDaaS -- Scientific data management as a service for small/medium labs Ian Foster 1148484 $2,398,999
Collaborative Research: Integrated HPC Systems Usage and Performance of Resources Monitoring and Modeling (SUPReMM- SUNY Buffalo) Abani Patra 1203560 $458,561
Collaborative Research: Integrated HPC Systems Usage and Performance of Resources Monitoring and Modeling (SUPReMM- UT-Austin) Abani Patra 1203604 $457,919
Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure (CTSC) Von Welch 1234408 $4,518,845
Latin America-US Institute 2013: Methods in Computational Discovery for Multidimensional Problem Solving Kevin Franklin 1242216 $99,986
EAGER proposal: Toward a Distributed Knowledge Environment for Research into Cyberinfrastructure: Data, Tools, Measures, and Models for Multidimensional Innovation Network Analysis Nicholas Berente 1348461 $204,935
Multiscale Software for Quantum Simulations in Materials Design, Nano Science and Technology Jerzy Bernholc 1339844 $500,000
MRI: Acquisition of SuperMIC-- A Heterogeneous Computing Environment to Enable Transformation of Computational Research and Education in the State of Louisiana Seung-Jong Park 1338051 $3,924,181
Open Gateway Computing Environments Science Gateways Platform as a Service (OGCE SciGaP) Marlon Pierce 1339774 $2,500,000
Sustaining Globus Toolkit for the NSF Community (Sustain-GT) Steven Tuecke 1339873 $1,200,000
CC-NIE Integration: Developing Applications with Networking Capabilities via End-to-End SDN (DANCES) Kathy L. Benninger 1341005 $650,000
Quantum Mechanical Modeling of Major Mantle Materials Renata Wentacovitch 635990 $805,227
A Large-Scale, Community-Driven Experimental Environment for Cloud Research Dr. Kate Keahey 1419141 $10,049,765
MRI: Acquisition of a National CyberGIS Facility for Computing- and Data-Intensive Geospatial Research and Education Shaowen Wang 1429699 $1,787,335
Acquisition of an Extreme GPU cluster for Interdisciplinary Research Todd Martinez 1429830 $3,500,000
The Centrality of Advanced Digitally-ENabled Science: CADENS Donna Cox 1445176 $1,499,535
CloudLab: Flexible Scientific Infrastructure to Support Fundamental Advances in Cloud Architectures and Applications Robert Ricci 1419199 $9,999,999
RUI: CAREER Organizational Capacity and Capacity Building for Cyberinfrastructure Diffusion Dr. Kerk F. Kee, Almadena Y. Chtchelkanova 1453864 $519,753
Fostering Successful Innovative Large-Scale, Distributed Science and Engineering Projects through Integrated Collaboration Nicolas Berente 1551609 $100,000
EarthCube RCN: Collaborative Research: Research Coordination Network for HighPerformance Distributed Computing in the Polar Sciences Allen Pope 1541620 $299,977
MRI Collaborative Consortium: Acquisition of a Shared Supercomputer by the Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium Thomas Hauser 1532236 $2,730,000
BD Hubs: Midwest: "SEEDCorn: Sustainable Enabling Environment for Data Collaboration that you are proposing in response to the NSF Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs (BD Hubs): Accelerating the Big Data Innovation Ecosystem (NSF 15-562) solicitation Edward Seidel 1550320 $1,499,999
Secure Data Architecture: Shared Intelligence Platform for Protecting our National Cyberinfrastructure" that you are proposing in response to the NSF Cybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure (NSF 15-549) solicitation Alexander Withers 1547249 $499,206
CILogon 2.0 project that you are proposing in response to the NSF Cybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure (NSF 15-549) solicitation James Basney 1547268 $499,973
DIBBs: Merging Science and Cyberinfrastructure Pathways: The Whole Tale Bertram Ludaescher 1541450 $4,986,951
Associated Universities, Inc. (AUI) and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) Philip J. Puxley 1519126 $1
SI2-SSE: Multiscale Software for Quantum Simulations of Nanostructured Materials and Devices J. Bernholc 1615114 $29,232
Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Adding Volunteer Computing to the Research Cyberinfrastructure David Anderson 1550601 $259,999
Molecular Sciences Software Institute (MolSSI) that you are proposing in response to the NSF Scientific Software Innovation Institutes (S2I2, NSF 15-553) solicitation Thomas Crawford 1547580 $5,880,491
Science Gateways Software Institute for NSF Scientific Software Innovation Institutes (S2I2, NSF 15-553) solicitation Nancy Wilkins-Diehr 1547611 $6,599,000
MRI: Acquisition of the Lawrence Supercomputer to Advance Multidisciplinary Research in South Dakota Doug Jennewein 1626516 $504,911
CC* Compute: BioBurst in response to the Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CC*) Program solicitation (NSF 16-567) Ron Hawkins 1659104 $494,066
CC* Networking Infrastructure: Building HPRNet (High-Performance Research Network) for advancement of data intensive research and collaboration Farzad Mashayek 1659255 $499,745
SI2-SSI: Pegasus: Automating compute and data intensive science Ewa Deelman 1664162 $2,500,000
SciTokens James Basney 1738962 $1,000,000
Cybertraining:CIP – Professional Training for CyberAmbassadors Dirk Colbry 1730137 $498,330
Collaborative Research: Building the Community for the Open Storage Network Alex Szalay 1747493 $165,185
CC* NPEO: A Sustainable Center for Engagement and Networks Jennifer M. Schopf 1826994 $1,166,667
Collaborative Research: CyberTraining: CIU: Hour of Cyberinfrastructure: Developing Cyber Literacy for Geographic Information Science Eric Shook 1829708 $373,990
Collaborative Research: ABI Sustaining: The National Center for Genome Analysis Support Thomas Doak 1759906 $313,673
Framework: Data: Clowder - Open Source Customizable Research Data Management, Plus Plus Kenton McHenry 1835834 $3,752,045
CC* NPEO: Towards the National Research Platform Larry Smarr 1826967 $2,500,000
CICI: CSRC: Research Security Operations Center (ResearchSOC) Von Welch 1840034 $4,933,641
A Workshop to Jumpstart High-Performance Computing in Finance/ BIGDATA: IA: Collaborative Research: Understanding the Financial Market Ecosystem Mao Ye 1838183 $422,288
Elements: Software: Multidimensional Fast Fourier Transforms on the Path to Exascale Dmitry Pekurovsky 1835885 $477,460
SI2-SSI Collaborative Research: SCALE-MS-Scalable Adaptive Large Ensembles of Molecular Simulations Peter Kasson 1835780 $763,289
CICI: CCoE: Trusted CI: Advancing Trustworthy Science Von Welch 1920430 $12,486,560
MRI: Acquisition of a Big Data and High Performance Computing System to Catalyze Delaware Research and Education Rudolph Eigenmann 1919839 $1,399,992
Can Empirical Software Engineering be Adapted to Computational Science Timoty Menzies 1908762 $472,024
Frameworks: funcX: A Function Execution Service for Portability and Performance Ian Foster 2004894 $2,658,096
MRI: Acquisition of an Adaptive Computing Infrastructure to Support Compute- and Data-Intensive Multidisciplinary Research Elise D. Miller-Hooks 2018631 $700,000
MRI: Acquisition of FASTER - Fostering Accelerated Sciences Transformation Education and Research Honggao Liu 2019129 $3,090,000
Category I: Crossing the Divide Between Today's Practice and Tomorrow's Science William Gropp 2005572 $10,000,000
Category I: Anvil - A national advanced computational resource to meet the changing needs of the nation's research and education communities X. Carol Song 2005632 $10,000,000
Category I – Jetstream 2: On-demand high performance computing David Y. Hancock 2005506 $10,000,000
Collaborative research: Elements: Shared data-delivery infrastructure to enable discovery with the next generation of Dark Matter and Computational Astrophysics experiments Amy Roberts 2104003 $335,984
CICI:UCSS:SciAuth: Deploying Interoperable and Usable Authorization Tokens to Enable Scientific Collaborations James Basney 2114989 $499,959.00
CI CoE: Demo Pilot: The Minority Serving Cyberinfrastructure Consortium Ana Hunsinger 2137123 $2,999,998
HDR Institute: Accelerated AI
Algorithms for Data-Driven Discovery
Shih-Chieh Hsu 2117997 $15,000,000
CCRI:ENS:Collaborative Research: Boa 2.0: Enhancing Infrastructure for Studying Software and its Evolution at a Large Scale Hridesh Rajan 2120448 $824,474
Category II: ACES - Accelerating Computing for Emerging Sciences Honggao Liu 2112356 $5,000,000


Key Points
XSEDE is comprised of partnerships with 17 institutions
The XSEDE Service Provider Forum, XSEDE Advisory Board, and XSEDE User Advisory Committee are external advisory bodies that provide input to project leadership.
XSEDE collaborates with a variety of projects that have externally-funded activities.
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