Service Provider Forum

The national cyberinfrastructure ecosystem is powered by a broad set of Service Providers (SP). The XSEDE Federation primarily consists of SPs that are autonomous entities that agree to coordinate with XSEDE and each other to varying degrees. The XSEDE Federation may also include other non-service provider organizations.

Service Providers are projects or organizations that provide cyberinfrastructure (CI) services to the science and engineering community. In the US academic community, there is a rich diversity of SPs, spanning centers that are funded by NSF to operate large-scale resources for the national research community to universities that provide resources and services to their local researchers. The Service Provider Forum is intended to facilitate this ecosystem of SPs, thereby advancing the science and engineering researchers that rely on these cyberinfrastructure services. The SP Forum provides:

  • An open forum for discussion of topics of interest to the SP community.
  • A formal communication channel between the SP Forum members and the XSEDE project.

SPs are classified as being at a specific level by meeting a minimum set of conditions.They may meet additional conditions at their option, but classification at a specific level will be based on the stated required minimum conditions.

Briefly, Level 1 SPs meet all the XSEDE integration requirements and will explicitly share digital services with the broader community. Level 2 SPs make some digital services accessible via XSEDE and Level 3 SPs are the most loosely coupled; they will share the characteristics of their services via XSEDE, but need not make those services available beyond their local community. For more detailed descriptions, see the documents linked below.


This year's SP Forum Officers elected January 23, 2020:

  • Chair: Ruth Marinshaw, Stanford University
  • Vice Chair: Mary Thomas, San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • L2 Chair: Jaime Cambariza, Johns Hopkins University
  • L3 Chair: Andy Keen, Michigan State University
  • XAB Representative: David Hancock, Indiana University
  • XAB Representative: Dan Stanzione, Texas Advanced Computing Center


SPF Charter

Membership Application

SPF Membership Application

Current XSEDE Federation Service Providers

Stampede Level 1 Dan Stanzione Univ of Texas at Austin
Comet Level 1 Mike Norman; Bob Sinkovits & Shawn Strande San Diego Supercomputer Center
Wrangler Level 1 Dan Stanzione Texas Advanced Computing Center
Jetstream Level 1  David Hancock, Jeremy Fischer Indiana University
Bridges Level 1 Nicholas A. Nystrom Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC)
NCAR Level 2 Irfan Elahi & Eric Newhouse NCAR
OSG Level 2 Miron Livny Univ of Wisconsin
SuperMIC Level 2 Seung-Jong (Jay) Park and Steve Brandt Louisiana State University
Rosen Center Level 2 Carol Song Purdue University
Stanford Research Computing Center Level 2 Ruth Marinshaw Stanford University
Beacon Level 2 Gregory D. Peterson UTK/NICS
Science Gateways Community Institute Level 2 Michael Zentner Science Gateways Community Institute
Open Storage Network (OSN) Level 2 Kenton McHenry Open Storage Network
Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2) Level 3 J.J. Villalobos  Rutgers University
Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI) Level 3 Jeff McDonald Minnesota Supercomputing Institute
Oklahoma State University High Performance Computing Center (OSUHPCC) Level 3 Pratul Agarwal Oklahoma State University
Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (iCER) Level 3 Andy Keen Michigan State University
Oklahoma University Supercomputing Center for Education & Research (OSCER) Level 3 Henry Neeman The University of Oklahoma
USDA-PBARC (Moana) Level 3 Brian Hall, Scott Geib University of Hawaii
Arkansas High Performance Computing Center (AHPCC) Level 3 Jeff Pummill University of Arkansas
DataONE Level 3 Bruce Wilson University of New Mexico
Institute for Computational Research in Engineering and Science (ICRES) Level 3 Daniel Andresen Kansas State University
Research Technology (RT) Level 3 Shawn Doughty Tufts University
Vela computational resources Level 3 Suranga Edirisinghe Georgia State University (GSU)
Advanced Research Computing - Technology Services (ARC-TS) Level 3 Brock Palen University of Michigan
Palmetto Level 3 Dustin Atkins, Corey Ferrier Clemson University
Langston University Computing Center for Research and Education (LUCCRE) Level 3 Franklin Fondjo-Fotou Langston University
Holland Computing Center (HCC) Level 3 Hongfeng Yu University of Nebraska
Advanced Research Computing Center (ARCC) Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium (RMACC) Level 3 Tim Brewer University of Wyoming
West Virginia University Research Computing Group Level 3 Nathan Gregg West Virginia University
NCGAS Level 3 Thomas Doak and Robert Henschel Indiana University
Research Computing Group at USD Level 3 Ryan Johnson University of South Dakota
University of Colorado-Boulder's Research Computing Group Level 3 Thomas Hauser University of Colorado-Boulder
Center for Computationally Assisted Science & Technology Level 3 Dane Skow North Dakota State University
BigDawg Level 3 Chet Langin Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Research Computing Support Services Level 3 Timothy Middelkoop University of Missouri
Information Technologies Level 3 Jeff Frey, Anita Schwartz University of Delaware
Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center (MARCC) Level 3 Jaime Combariza Johns Hopkins University
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Data Science Institute (DSI) Level 3 Keith Crabb University of Houston

Former XSEDE Federation Service Providers

Service Provider SP Level Representative Institution Acceptance Date Exit Date
Gordon Level 1 Mike Norman UCSD/SDSC 17 September 2012 Spring 2017
FutureGrid Level 1 Geoffrey Fox Indiana University 17 September 2012 Fall 2014
Longhorn Level 1 Kelly Gaither UT-Austin/TACC 11 October 2012 February 2014
Longhorn decommissioned
Steele/Wispy Level 1 Carol Song Purdue 17 September 2012 July 2013
Steele/Wispy decommissioned
Ranger Level 1 Dan Stanzione UT-Austin/TACC 11 October 2012
February 2013
Ranger decommissioned
MSS Level 2 John Towns NCSA/Univ of Illinois 17 September 2012
30 September 2013
MSS decommissioned
Kraken Level 1 Mark Fahey UTK/NICS 17 May 2012
30 April 2014
Kraken decommissioned
Lonestar Level 1 Dan Stanzione UT-Austin/TACC 11 October 2012
31 December 2014
Lonestar decommissioned
Keeneland Level 1 Jeffery Vetter GaTech 27 March 2013
31 December 2014
Keeneland decommissioned
Trestles Level 1 Richard Moore UCSD/SDSC 17 May 2012
May 2015
Trestles decommissioned
Darter/Nautilus Level 1 Sean Ahern UTK/NICS 17 September 2012
Maverick Level 1 Dan Stanzione UT-AUstin/TACC Unknown 1 April 2018
Blue Waters Level 2  Bill Kramer NCSA/Univ of Illinois   December 2019
ROGER Level 3  Shaowen Wang and Anand Padmanabhan NCSA   December 2017

XSEDE's Peer Institutions

XSEDE also needs to interact with other XSEDE-like organizations as peers. There are already such examples both within the United States and internationally.

Current international interactions include:

  • Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) – Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) - Call for Collaborative Use Examples (CUEs)
  • Research Organization for Information Science and Technology (RIST) – Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Key Points
Service Providers contribute to XSEDE's Cyberinfrastructure
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