Technical Report Series

Non-traditional types of documents that might not otherwise be published in peer-reviewed publications

XSEDE Technical Report Series

As part of the XSEDE Publication Initiative, XSEDE has implemented an XSEDE Technical Report Series (TRS) for publications of importance to XSEDE and for the national cyberinfrastructure community in order to share information collected, integrated and/or developed by XSEDE staff that might not otherwise be published in peer-reviewed publications or put in XSEDE project documents (policies, documentation, user guides, operating guides, reports, etc.). All XSEDE staff are encouraged to document significant accomplishments, results, and/or activities through the XSEDE TRS, and any XSEDE staff publications can be targeted for the TRS. In furthering the mission of XSEDE to enhance the productivity of researchers and to coordinate and add significant value to the cyberinfrastructure, the TRS will enhance XSEDE's ability to capture and share our knowledge of operating, supporting, advancing, and sustaining all aspects of the national cyberinfrastructure. XSEDE staff members who wish to publish a document as part of the TRS should follow the instructions provided here. Below is a list of XSEDE Technical Report Series publications.

Authors Year Title URL DOI