Accessing Resources

Logging in to XSEDE

Please go to the XSEDE User Portal and login using the account information you created. If at any time you don't remember your password use the password reset tool on the user portal homepage. If you need a password for a specific resource, submit a helpdesk ticket. The recommended way to access XSEDE resources are the following methods:

  • Single Sign On Login Hub

    XSEDE now has a single sign on login hub that you can use to access your XSEDE resources with your portal username and password. You can login to the single sign on hub using your favorite ssh client with your portal username and password.

    For detailed instructions please visit the Single Sign on Login Hub page.

  • Command line (Unix/Linux)

    The traditional method of accessing supercomputing resources is via command line. Each hardware resource on XSEDE may be accessed via SSH username/password or with your single sign on username and password which is your portal username and password. It is highly recommended that you use the Single Sign on Login Hub for command line access to resources or single sign on below.

    To use a single XSEDE resource, login using the username and host name of the resource. Depending on the resource, you may or may not use a password to authenticate. To login using the command line, use this syntax:

    ssh login_name@host_name

    Please contact the XSEDE Help Desk for more information on how to get your resource specific username and password.