Making a Successful Transition

Join the ACCESS Resource Provider Slack Space!

  We have established a new Slack space for ease of communications between RPs and staff from across the ACCESS tracks. Please join this space by clicking  :   ...

Preliminary Plan for ACCESS Integrated Infrastructure Announcements

The XSEDE News system that is used to record and communicate XSEDE announcements, events, and system outages will be retired by August 31, 2022. By September 1, 2022, ACCESS plans to introduce...

Important Information for ACCESS Resource Providers

Please share the following with resource provider staff that need to know this information. Please note that in ACCESS, we will use the term "resource provider" (RP) instead of "service...

Allocations Through ACCESS: What You Need to Know Now

A diverse community of researchers will soon be able to review new research computing opportunities

ACCESS PIs present info, answer questions ahead of launch

NSF hosted town hall to outline what users can expect from new ACCESS program

National Science Foundation Announces ACCESS Awards

Follow-on to XSEDE program to be instituted September 1

Join the ACCESS Resource Provider Slack Space!


We have established a new Slack space for ease of communications between RPs and staff from across the ACCESS tracks. Please join this space by clicking : https://join.slack.com/t/slack-vfd7173/shared_invite/zt-1dl2y5qj6-aP20gjyxwGTGIF3w3aZzeg.  


Integrating Allocated Resources with ACCESS

On August 1, 2022 ACCESS released to resource providers (RPs) instructions for becoming "ACCESS-Allocated Production Compute/Storage/Cloud" by September 1, 2022. RPs with questions or needed assistance may:

Email help@xsede.org using the Subject: Help with ACCESS roadmap activity <title>

Join the RP-ACCESS Communications slack  #integration-roadmaps channelhttps://join.slack.com/t/slack-vfd7173/shared_invite/zt-1dl2y5qj6-aP20gjyxwGTGIF3w3aZzeg

Join a weekly ACCESS Roadmaps meeting starting Friday Aug 5, 2022 11:00am to Noon Central through Friday Sep 30, 2022 on Zoom at: https://uchicago.zoom.us/j/91086055483?pwd=aU1sUVM2c2ltMVZTRHdPeCtBZWVvQT09


The ACCESS allocations team is preparing for our September start date, maybe you've seen us at one of our presentations to the community: Campus Champions meeting, the Service Provider Forum, the XSEDE Resource Allocation Committee, SURA, NSF ACCESS Town Hall, at PEARC22, and more. We have covered the following topics that are also included below for your reference:

  1. Inviting you and your colleagues to join the ACCESS Allocation Review Committee
  2. Tiered Opportunities: Explore, Discover, Accelerate, Maximize
  3. The Allocations Marketplace


If you have any questions or comments on these materials, we welcome your input via our feedback form— https://go.illinois.edu/ACCESSallocations—and we look forward to sharing more information in the coming months. Watch as the ACCESS website comes together this month as well: access-ci.org. Stay tuned!


The ACCESS Allocations Team


Inviting you and your colleagues to join the AARC!


The new NSF-funded program for advancing computational and data-intensive research – the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Coordination Ecosystem: Services & Support (ACCESS) – offers significant opportunities for community involvement. One of those is ensuring that requests for resource allocations meet the program's requirements in careful merit reviews by a diverse group of reviewers.

What Is AARC?

The ACCESS Allocation Review Committee (AARC) is a panel of volunteer experts from the faculty and staff of U.S. universities, laboratories, and other non-profit and commercial research organizations. All members have expertise in at least one area of computational science or engineering and serve a term of approximately three years, with the possibility of a one-time renewal. PI and co-PIs of ACCESS allocation awards may serve on the AARC. The AARC will review requests for the Maximize Tier as well as the Accelerate Tier through a separate subcommittee.

Why Should You Join?

Serving as an AARC member is a great opportunity to provide a valuable service to ACCESS, the NSF, and the national research community. You will participate in merit reviews of ACCESS allocation requests that meet the highest thresholds. In the process, you will broaden and deepen your network interacting with colleagues, ACCESS staff, and staff from the various resource providers. You'll gain insight into the allocations process and how to craft your own successful requests. Plus, if chosen as a reviewer, you will receive an honorarium for your participation!

How Does It Work?

Each member will receive allocation requests for each bi-annual review in advance of the remote meetings. The time commitment would include review and preparation time plus any review committee meeting time. As an AARC member, you can submit your own allocation requests but not participate when those requests are reviewed. Honorariums are available to all reviewers to ensure we have the broadest participation of reviewers from a diverse range of R1 and non-R1 institutions including MSIs, HSIs, TCUs, and HBCUs.


To learn more or volunteer for this rewarding service on the AARC, please contact the Manager of Allocations, Ken Hackworth, at hackworth@psc.edu or complete our feedback form: https://go.illinois.edu/ACCESSallocations


Tiered Allocations Opportunities


We've organized your options for requesting access into a set of tiered opportunities, designed to support needs ranging from entry-level exploration to the largest-scale computational experiments. 

The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) is supported by the National Science Foundation