XSEDE Scholars Program

Scholar Efrain Vargas Ramos

Efrain Vargas Ramos (University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras; graduate student; applied mathematics)

Project Title: Parallelizing Suffix Array Construction


Research Advisor: Ana Gonzalez, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez

HPC Resources: Stampede, Blue Waters

This educational event will expose the student to the complete research process, with the benefit of:  incorporating Blue Waters resources and developing skills in computational thinking, computer programming, high performance computing and algorithm development. The student together with the mentor will study the problems of suffix array construction. Serial and parallel algorithms will be designed and implemented using C, MPI, OpenMP. Performance tests will be conducted and results analyzed. The data collected from experiments performed in Blue Waters system will be compared with results obtained from other resource from XSEDE. Also results documented in the literature will be compared with our results. The project will be documented in an appropriate format: technical papers, posters, oral presentations or combinations.The experience from this event will be used to develop educational modules that will allow to incorporate a parallel computing culture throughout the Computer Science and Mathematics curriculum at UPR-Mayaguez.