XSEDE Scholars Program

Scholar Jason Regina

Jason Regina (University of Wyoming; graduate, student, civil engineering)

Project Title: OnRamp to Parallel Computing Internship,

Research Advisor: Dr. Samantha Foley, Department of Computer Science, Univ. Wisconsin-La Crosse

 HPC Resources: Stampede, Blue Waters


OnRamp to Parallel Computing is a web portal front-end to parallel computers that allows users to learn about parallel computing while being able to run parallel jobs from the start. It includes a web front-end and necessary light-weight backend scripts to interface with various parallel computers. The project is designed to teach users how to use a parallel computer gradually through guided experimentation until they are able to confidently logon to a parallel machine on their own.


The project has been started and there is a prototype implementation that allows a user to successfully launch an existing parallel code on a remote parallel computer. This internship would further develop the front-end to include educational materials (borrowed from NCSI curricular modules), as well as port the backend portion to other parallel platforms, including LittleFe. The balance of front-end and backend work is negotiable and can be tailored to the student's interests and experience. The front-end work includes developing different user views based on parallel computing experience, writing and porting tutorials on parallel computing concepts, developing forms to allow users to specify batchscript details from the web, and job statistics presentation. The backend work includes porting the existing backend to LittleFe from a Rocks cluster environment, setting up the source code for the curriculum modules on the target machines, development of helper scripts for managing job execution remotely, and job statistics gathering. The backend is written in Python. This is a large project that may not be completed in the summer, but I believe we can make excellent progress towards a product that can be used in the classroom starting in the Fall.