XSEDE Scholars Program

Scholar Wanda Moses

Wanda Moses (Clemson University; computer science)

Project Title: Petascale Curriculum Intern – GalaxSee

Research Advisor: Aaron Weeden, Shodor

HPC Resources: Stampede, Blue Waters


The intern will be responsible for porting existing curricular materials to the Blue Waters architecture. The materials were previously developed as part of the Blue Waters Undergraduate Petascale Education Program from 2009-2011. The intern will specifically work with the GalaxSee HPC 1 and 2 Modules (http://shodor.org/petascale/materials/UPModules/NBody/ and http://shodor.org/petascale/materials/UPModules/NBodyScaling/). The intern will revise the documentation, code, and exercises for the modules so that they apply to the Blue Waters system, taking advantage of its unique architecture.