Student Champions

Campus Champions programs include Regional, Student, and Domain Champions.


Student Champions

Student Champion volunteer responsibilities may vary from one institution to another and depending on your Campus Champion Mentor. Student Champions may work with their Mentor to provide outreach on campus to help users access the best advanced computing resource that will help them accomplish their research goals, provide training to users on campus, or work on special projects assigned by your Mentor. Student Champions are also encouraged to attend the annual PEARC conference and participate in the PEARC student program as well as submit posters or papers to the conference. 

To join the Student Champions program, the Campus Champion who will be their mentor should send a message to to recommend the student for the program and confirm their willingness to be the student's mentor. 

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Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University Georgianna Wright Damian Clarke Computer Science Undergraduate 2022
Boise State University Mike Henry Kyle Shannon Material Science Graduate 2020
Claremont McKenna College Zeyad Elkelani Jeho Park Political Science Graduate 2021
Dillard University Priscilla Saarah Tomekia Simeon Biology Undergraduate 2022
Dillard University Brian Desil Tomekia Simeon Physics Undergraduate 2021
Drexel University Cameron Fritz David Chin Computer Science Undergraduate 2023
Florida A&M Univerisity Rodolfo Tsuyoshi F. Kamikabeya Hongmei Chi Computer Information Science Graduate 2021
Florida A&M Univeristy Emon Nelson Hongmei Chi Computer Science Graduate  
Georgia Institute of Technology Sebastian Kayhan Hollister Semir Sarajlic Computer Science  Undergraduate 2021
Georgia Institute of Technology Siddhartha Vemuri Semir Sarajlic Computer Science Undergraduate 2021
Georgia State University Kenneth Huang Suranga Naranjan   Graduate 2020
Georgia State University  Melchizedek Mashiku Suranga Naranjan Computer Science Undergraduate 2022
Howard University Christina McBean Marcus Alfred Physics & Mathematics Undergraduate 2021
Howard University Tamanna Joshi Marcus Alfred Condensed Matter Theory Graduate 2021
Indiana University Ashley Brooks Carrie Ganote Physics Graduate 2025
Iowa State University Justin Stanley Levi Barber Computer Science Undergraduate 2020
John Hopkins University Jodie Hoh Jaime Combariza, Anthony Kolasny, Kevin Manalo Computer Science Undergraduate 2022
Kansas State University Mohammed Tanash Dan Andresen Computer Science Gradudate 2022
Massachusetts Green HPC Center Abigail Waters  Julie Ma Clinical Psychology Graduate 2022
Midwestern State University Broday Walker Eduardo Colmenares Computer Science Graduate 2020
New Jersey Institute of Technology Vatsal Shah Roman Voronov Mechanical Engineering  Undergraduate 2020
North Carolina State University Michael Dacanay Lisa Lowe Computer Science Undergraduate 2022
North Carolina State University Yuqing Du Lisa Lowe Statistics Graduate  2020
North Carolina State University Dheeraj Kalidindi Lisa Lowe Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate 2020
Northwestern University  Sajid Ali Alper Kinaci Applied Physics Graduate 2021
Oregon State University McKenzie Hughes CJ Keist Biology Undergraduate 2021
Pomona College Nathaniel Getachew Asya Shklyar Computer Science & Mathematics Undergraduate 2023
Pomona College Omar Zintan Mwinila-Yuori Asya Shklyar Computer Science Undergraduate  2022
Pomona College Samuel Millette Asya Shklyar Computer Science  Undergraduate   2023
Reed College Jiarong Li Trina Marmarelli Math-Computer Science Undergraduate 2021
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute James Flamino Joel Geidt   Graduate 2022
Saint Louis University Frank Gerhard Schroer IV Eric Kaufmann Physics Undergraduate 2021
Southern Illinois University

Majid Memari

Chet Langin   Graduate 2021
Southern Illinois University Aaron Walber Chet Langin Physics   2020
Southern Illinois University Manvith Mali Chet Langin Computer Science Graduate 2021
Southwestern Oklahoma State University Arianna Martin Jeremy Evert Computer Science & Music Performance Undergraduate 2023
Southwestern Oklahoma State University Kurtis D. Clark Jeremy Evert Computer Science Undergraduate 2020
Texas A&M University - College Station Logan Kunka Jian Tao Aerospace Engineering Graduate 2020
Texas Tech University Misha Ahmadian Tom Brown Computer Science Graduate  2022
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga  Carson Woods Craig Tanis Computer Science Undergraduate 2021
University of Alabama at Birmingham Shahram Talei

John-Paul Robinson

Physics Graduate 2021
University of Arizona Alexander Prescott Blake Joyce Geosciences Graduate 2021
Univerity of Arkansas Timothy "Ryan" Rogers Jeff Pummill Physical Chemistry Graduate 2021
University of California - Merced Luanzheng Guo Sarvani Chadalapaka   Graduate 2020
University of Central Florida Amit Goel Paul Weigand      
University of Central Oklahoma Samuel Kelting Evan Lemley Mathematics/CS Undergraduate 2021
University of Delaware Parinaz Barakhshan Anita Schwartz Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate 2024
University of Houston-Downtown Eashrak Zubair Hong Lin   Undergraduate 2020
University of Illinois at Chicago Babak Kashir Taloori Jon Komperda Mechanical Engineering Graduate 2020
University of Iowa Baylen Jacob Brus Ben Rogers Health Informatics Undergraduate 2020
University of Maine Michael Brady Butler Bruce Segee Physica/Computational Materials Science Graduate 2022
University of Michigan Daniel Kessler Shelly Johnson Statistics Graduate 2022
University of Minnesota Aneesh Venugopal Ben Lynch Electrical Engineering Graduate 2021
University of Missouri Ashkan Mirzaee Tim Middelkoop Industrial Engineering Graduate 2021
University of North Carolina Wilmington Cory Nichols Shrum Eddie Dunn      
University of South Dakota Adison Ann Kleinsasser   Computer Science Graduate 2020
University of Texas at Dallas Namira Pervez

Jaynal Pervez

Neuroscience Undergraduate 2024
University of Wyoming Rajiv Khadka Jared Baker   Graduate 2020
Virginia Tech University David Barto Alana Romanella   Undergraduate 2020
West Chester University of Pennsylvania Jon C. Kilgannon Linh Ngo Computer Science Graduate 2020
Yale University Sinclair Im Andy Sherman Applied Math Graduate 2022
Florida A&M Univerisity George Kurian Hongmei Chi     2019
Florida A&M Univerisity Temilola Aderibigbe Hongmei Chi     2019
Florida A&M Univerisity Stacyann Nelson Hongmei Chi     2019
Georgia State University Mengyuan Zhu Suranga Naranjan     2017
Georgia State University Thakshila Herath Suranga Naranjan     2018
Jackson State Univeristy Ebrahim Al-Areqi Carmen Wright     2018
Jackson State University Duber Gomez-Fonseca Carmen Wright   Graduate 2019
Mississippi State University Nitin Sukhija Trey Breckenridge     2015
Oklahoma State University Phillip Doehle Dana Brunson     2016
Oklahoma State University Venkat Padmanapan Rao Jesse Schafer Materials Science Graduate 2019
Oklahoma State University Raj Shukla Dana Brunson     2018
Oklahoma State University Nathalia Graf Grachet Philip Doehle     2019
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Jorge Alarcon Joel Geidt     2016
Southern Illinois University Alex Sommers Chet Langin     2018
Southern Illinois University Sai Susheel Sunkara Chet Langin     2018
Southern Illinois University Monica Majiga Chet Langin     2017
Southern Illinois University Sai Sandeep Kadiyala  Chet Langin     2017
Southern Illinois University Rezaul Nishat Chet Langin     2018
Southern Illinois University Alvin Gonzales Chet Langin     2020
Tufts University Georgios (George) Karamanis Shawn G. Doughty     2018
University of Arkansas Shawn Coleman Jeff Pummill     2014
University of Florida David Ojika Oleksandr Moskalenko     2018
University of Houston Clear Lake Tarun Kumar Sharma Liwen Shih     2014
University of Maryland Baltimore County Genaro Hernadez Paul Schou     2015
University of Michigan Simon Adorf Shelly Johnson     2019
University of Missouri Alexander Barnes Timothy Middelkoop     2018
University of North Carolina Wilmington James Stinson Gray Eddie Dunn     2018
University of South Dakota Joseph Madison Doug Jennewein     2018
University of Pittsburgh Shervin Sammak Kim Wong     2016
Virginia Tech University Lu Chen Alana Romanella     2017
Winston-Salem State University Daniel Caines Xiuping Tao Computer Science Undergraduate 2019

Updated: March 25, 2020


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