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Domain and Student Champions

Campus Champions programs include Regional, Student, and Domain Champions.



Student Champions

Georgia State University Mengyuan Zhu Suranga Naranjan 2017
Georgia State University Kenneth Huang Suranga Naranjan 2020
Georgia State University Thakshila Herath Suranga Naranjan 2017
Jackson State University Ebrahim Al-Areqi Carmen Wright 2018
Jackson State University Duber Gomez-Fonseca Carmen Wright 2019
Oklahoma State University Raj Shukla Dana Brunson  
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute James Flamino Joel Geidt 2022
Southern Illinois University Sai Susheel Sunkara Chet Langin 2018
Southern Illinois University Monica Majiga Chet Langin 2017
Southern Illinois University Sai Sandeep Kadiyala  Chet Langin 2017
Tufts University Georgios (George) Karamanis Shawn G. Doughty 2018
University of California - Merced Luanzheng Guo Sarvani Chadalapaka  
University of Central Florida Amit Goel Paul Weigand  
University of Florida David Ojika Oleksandr Moskalenko 2018
University of Houston-Downtown Eashrak Zubair Erin Hodgess 2020
University of Michigan Simon Adorf Brock Palen 2019
University of Pittsburgh Shervin Sammak Kim Wong  
University of South Dakota Joseph Madison Doug Jennewein 2018
University of Utah Khalid Ahmad Anita Orendt 2021
Virginia Tech University David Barto Alana Romanella 2020
Mississippi State University Nitin Sukhija Trey Breckenridge 2015
Oklahoma State University Phillip Doehle Dana Brunson 2016
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Jorge Alarcon Joel Geidt 2016
University of Arkansas Shawn Coleman Jeff Pummill 2014
University of Maryland Baltimore County Genaro Hernadez Paul Schou 2015
University of Houston Clear Lake Tarun Kumar Sharma Liwen Shih 2014
Virginia Tech University Lu Chen Alana Romanella 2017


Domain Champions

Domain Champions act as ambassadors by spreading the word about what XSEDE can do to boost the advancement of their field, based on their personal experience, and to connect interested colleagues to the right people/resources in the XSEDE community (XSEDE Extended Collaborative Support Services (ECSS) staff, Campus Champions, documentation/training, helpdesk, etc.). Domain Champions work within their discipline, rather than within a geographic or institutional territory.

The table below lists our current domain champions. We are very interested in adding new domains as well as additional champions for each domain. Please contact if you are interested in a discussion with a current domain champion, or in becoming a domain champion yourself.

Astrophysics, Aerospace, and Planetary Science Matthew Route Purdue University
Data Analysis Rob Kooper University of Illinois
Finance Mao Ye University of Illinois
Molecular Dynamics Tom Cheatham University of Utah
Genomics Brian Couger Oklahoma State University
Digital Humanities Virginia Kuhn University of Southern California
Digital Humanities Michael Simeone Arizona State University
Genomics Thomas DoakCarrie L. GanoteSheri SandersBhavya Nalagampalli Papudeshi Indiana University, National Center for Genome Analysis Support
Chemistry and Material Science Sudhakar Pamidighantam Indiana University
Fluid Dynamics & Multi-phase Flows Amit Amritkar University of Houston
Chemistry Christopher J. Fennell Oklahoma State University
Geographic Information Systems Eric Shook University of Minnesota

Last Updated: October 2, 2017

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Student Engagement

Through training, internships, mentoring, and recognition activities, students from around the country are provided real-world research and development experience, and experiences that encourage advanced degrees and professional careers utilizing computational and data-enabled knowledge.

XSEDE workforce development efforts are preparing and sustaining a larger, more diverse pool of undergraduate and graduate students to be future researchers and educators. Through training, internships, mentoring, and recognition activities, students from around the country are provided real-world research and development experience, and experiences that encourage advanced degrees and professional careers utilizing computational and data-enabled knowledge. The participation of women and underrepresented students is strongly encouraged.

In addition, faculty and staff at US institutions may request education allocations for coursework, workshops and training events to prepare students XSEDE computing resources. 

XSEDE Workforce Development Programs

  • XSEDE EMPOWER (Expert Mentoring Producing Opportunities for Work, Education, and Research) recruits and enables a diverse group of students who have the skills - or are interested in acquiring the skills - to participate in the work of XSEDE. XSEDE staff, researchers, and educators are invited to recruit and mentor undergraduate students to engage in a variety of XSEDE research activities.
  • Advanced Computing for Social Change engages students in a week-long experience, using visualization and data analytics to increase awareness, interest, and ultimately inspire students to continue their path in advanced computing careers.
  • Student Champions encourages students to work alongside Campus Champions to motivate and excite researchers, educators and fellow students on their campus to take advantage of XSEDE resources and services.
  • The annual PEARC (Practice & Experience in Advanced Research Computing) Conference engages students in tutorials, poster sessions, a student modeling day, mentorship program and access to the technical program sessions. Limited travel awards are available each year.

Student Engagement Archives

For previous student programs, see the archives of the XSEDE Scholars Program including the XSP Course Materials.

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Deputy Director of Community Engagement & Enrichment, XSEDE
Student Engagement Coordinator, Shodor

Student Engagement

Student Engagement content

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