Cyberinfrastructure Resource Integration

History of Campus Bridging - challenges met and addressed between 2011 and 2016

As described in a recent workshop report (, campus bridging encompassed a number of different kinds of issues: some financial (e.g. network capacity to the campus), some related to authentication frameworks, some computer science, and some computer engineering. What the problems addressed in the 2011 report had in common was that they were all perceived or encountered from the viewpoint of a researcher or student on a campus trying to interoperate with the national cyberinfrastructure. Many of these campus bridging problems have been addressed or are being addressed by NSF solicitations issues since the 2011 ACCI taskforce report. For example:
  • The NSF CC* solicitation addresses many of the issues of local campus cyberinfrastructure and the capacity of campus network connections to national cyberinfrastructure
  • Globus transfer provides a file and data movement service that provides "best possible" data throughput between any two CI systems (ranging from a laptop to a massive data archive) with an easy-to-use web interface. Globus transfer as implemented by XSEDE and XSEDE-allocated SPs have created a situation in which the large majority of users of XSEDE are satisfied to happy with their ability to move files from local campuses to the national NSF-funded cyberinfrastructure.
  • The XSEDE-allocated Wrangler system provides a data analytics and massive data disk storage and analysis resource allocated via XSEDE and available to the national research community.
  • The Service Provider Forum creates a place for information exchange between operators of campus CI systems and those providing services at the national level.
To better understand the beginnings and history of Campus Bridging as a concept, users may find it helpful to view a recent presentation titled "What is Campus Bridging and What Can It Do for Me?" by XSEDE's Campus Bridging and Research Infrastructure Lead, Rich Knepper of Indiana University. You can access that presentation here. For more reading on XSEDE Campus Bridging you can read "Cyberinfrastructure, Science Gateways, Campus Bridging, and Cloud Computing" by Craig Stewart, Richard Knepper, Matt Link, Marlon Pierce, Eric Wernert, and Nancy Wilkins-Diehr.