XSEDE Operations

If you suspect a security incident, or if your account has been compromised, please contact the XSEDE Help Desk immediately to report a security incident

XSEDE Operations installs, connects, maintains, secures, and evolves an integrated cyberinfrastructure that incorporates a wide range of digital capabilities to support national scientific, engineering, and scholarly research efforts. In addition to the Operations Director's Office, Operations is subdivided into four teams: Cybersecurity, Data Transfer Services, XSEDE Operations Center (XOC), and Systems Operational Support (SysOps).

The first five years were very successful for XSEDE Operations. Our uptime for XSEDE Enterprise Services and XSEDEne t was over 99%, we had no reported XSEDE operational security incidents, and our XSEDE Operations Center provided answers to nearly 20% of all tickets submitted within four hours. This is due in no small part to our dedicated and professional staff, procedures, and processes. Operations staff look forward to continuing to provide excellent service.

Cybersecurity (ops-sec)

ops-sec protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of XSEDE resources and services. Users expect XSEDE resources to be reliable and secure, thus the security team's goal is to minimize any interruption of services related to a security event.

Data Transfer Services (DTS)

DTS coordinates, monitors, and maintains the XSEDE networking resources, facilitates high performance data movement between XSEDE resources across the WAN, and monitors and coordinates data transfer capabilities for the community by maintaining and continuously evolving XSEDE data services and resources.

XSEDE Operations Center (XOC)

XOC serves as user advocates, provides front line user assistance, and provides timely and accurate assistance to the XSEDE community, while simultaneously monitoring and troubleshooting XSEDE user-facing systems and services

Systems Operational Support (SysOps)

SysOps provides XSEDE virtualized enterprise services support and system administration for over 40 XSEDE enterprise services. XSEDE enterprise services include the XSEDE User Portal (XUP) , the XSEDE Single Sign On hub (SSO hub), the XSEDE Central Database Service (XCDB), the XSEDE Website, and the XSEDE Ticket system to name a few.

Key Points
XSEDE Operations maintains and evolves an integrated cyberinfrastructure capability of national scale.
Operations provides services and support furthering the mission of XSEDE for the benefit of research and educational users.
Operations focuses on cybersecurity, networking and data transfer, providing an operations center for prompt frontline user support and initial issue ticket management, and enterprise services.
Find references to all XSEDE security and privacy policies here.
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