XSEDE Resources

The XSEDE ecosystem encompasses a broad portfolio of resources operated by members of the XSEDE Service Provider Forum. These resources include multi-core and many-core high-performance computing (HPC) systems, distributed high-throughput computing (HTC) environments, visualization and data analysis systems, large-memory systems, data storage, and cloud systems. Some resources provide unique services for Science Gateways. Some of these resources are made available to the user community through a central XSEDE-managed allocations process, while many other resources operated by Forum members are linked to other parts of the ecosystem.

If you're not sure where to start or what resource might be right for you, just ask! Send a note to help@xsede.org and XSEDE staff will point you in the right direction

Allocated Resources

Almost all U.S.-based university and non-profit researchers are eligible to request allocations via XSEDE for access to more than a dozen computational and storage resources. Visit the XUP Resource Information page for detailed descriptions of the resources available as well as for instructions on how to request an allocation.

Researchers requiring large amounts of computing power for tightly coupled MPI, OpenMP, and hybrid programs should look to XSEDE-allocated high-performance computing (HPC) resources. For massively parallel jobs that require far less communication and synchronization, researchers may want to consider high-throughput computing (HTC) options. Additional specialized systems run GPGPU codes, memory-intensive problems, visualization, data analytics, and research clouds. Many computing resources also provide Science Gateway capabilities. XSEDE-allocated storage resources are available to satisfy most users' practical needs. Several XSEDE service providers also host storage platforms providing services such as data management, data collections hosting, and large-scale persistent storage.

Stampede2 at the Texas Advanced Computing Center

Other Ecosystem Resources

XSEDE provides other opportunities for service providers to connect resources to the ecosystem and engage with the broader service provider community. Some providers, including NCAR and NCSA, use the XSEDE-hosted XRAS software-as-a-service to manage separate allocation processes for their resources. Other providers are leveraging XSEDE's single sign-on (SSO) hub to manage access to their resources. Many providers join the XSEDE ecosystem to take advantage of XSEDE-provided software toolkits and other integrated services.

Allocated Resource Listing

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Key Points
A diverse portfolio of XSEDE-allocated resources is available to support your research.
Most US-based researchers are eligible for no-cost allocations via XSEDE. Get started in two weeks or less!
Members of the XSEDE Service Provider Forum operate additional resources that may be available to certain users.
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