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Globus Online

Stuart Martin
Field of Science
Engineering Infrastructure Development
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Steve Tuecke Vas Vasiliadis

Description: Globus Online is a high-performance, reliable, secure data movement service with "fire-and-forget" ease of use. Using Globus Online, a TG user can easily transfer files between TG sites, as well as, upload and download to any site from their laptop.

We developed Globus Online to address the challenges faced by researchers in moving, sharing, and archiving large volumes of data among distributed sites. With Globus Online, you hand off data movement tasks to a hosted service that manages the entire operation, monitoring performance and errors, retrying failed transfers, correcting problems automatically whenever possible, and reporting status to keep you informed so that you can focus on your research. Simplicity Researchers should not have to be technology experts in order to move and share data. Setup is as simple as logging into the service and identifying the data to be transferred between two or more endpoints. Execution is via straightforward command line and Web interfaces. Reliability Dealing with data movement failures is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of distributed data management. Globus Online will transparently handle transient errors by re-trying failed transfers and maintain detailed logs for users to query the reasons behind any failed transfers. Control Globus Online provides configurable levels of control over transfer requests. You can monitor transfer status via a Web console or the command line, view summary progress information, examine details of individual transfers, and cancel requests in progress. Performance Globus Online takes advantage of tried and tested Globus software components, such as GridFTP, to deliver unparalleled performance.