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This page lists all of the current science gateways. The list membership changes occasionally, as new projects join the community. Find the related science domains and links to the gateway home pages within the table below.

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Carol Song
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Carol Song Lan Zhao

Description: MyGeoHub is a HUBzero based platform for hosting projects with synergies on geospatial data driven research. It provides the underlying infrastructure to support common geospatial data and modeling needs. Currently there are five projects hosted on MyGeoHub: (1) DriNet for collecting and disseminating local to regional drought information; (2) WaterHub to connect the hydrology community through sharing of hydrologic information, data, models, simulation tools, and connecting to HPC resources; (3) Useful to Usable (U2U) for transforming climate change information into usable knowledge for the agricultural community; (4) GeoShare to develop a spatially explicit global database on agriculture and natural resources, integrated with economic analysis tools and training programs. (5) GABBs (Geospatial Data Analysis Building Blocks) on creating reusable software modules for geospatial data management, analysis, and visualization using the HUBzero platform.