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NIST Digital Repository of Mathematical Formulae

Howard Cohl
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Mathematical Sciences
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Howard Cohl Moritz Schubotz

Description: The NIST DRMF Project's goal to build a community-based online compendium of orthogonal polynomial and special function formulae including related mathematical data in a full context-free semantic computer-based encapsulation.

The NIST Digital Repository of Mathematical Formulae is designed for a mathematically literate audience and should (1) facilitate interaction among a community of mathematicians and scientists interested in compendia formulae data for orthogonal polynomials and special functions; (2) be expandable, allowing the input of new formulae from the literature; (3) represent the context-free full semantic information concerning individual formulas; (4) have a user friendly, consistent, and hyperlinkable viewpoint and authoring perspective; (5) contain easily searchable mathematics; and (6) take advantage of modern MathML tools for easy to read, scalably rendered content driven mathematics.