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This page lists all of the current science gateways. The list membership changes occasionally, as new projects join the community. Find the related science domains and links to the gateway home pages within the table below.

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CyberGIS Gateway

Shaowen Wang
Field of Science
Geography and Regional Science
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Description: Geographic information is collected to support scientific investigations and decision-making in a wide variety of application domains (e.g., environment science, transportation, public health, and business). Enormous computational resources are needed to store and manage geographic information that is collected for such diverse purposes, and to conduct computationally intensive geographic information analysis. This type of analysis is a main focus of Geographic Information Science (GIScience) an interdisciplinary field involving geography and other social sciences, computer science, geodesy, and information sciences to study generic issues about the development and use of geographic information systems (GIS) technologies. The purpose of this project is to develop a TeraGrid Science Gateway toolkit for GIScience. Our gateway toolkit will provide user-friendly capabilities for performing geographic information analysis using computational Grids, and help non-technical users (such as from social sciences) directly benefit from accessing TeraGrid capabilities.