The XSEDE ecosystem includes many types of software installed and supported by XSEDE staff, by service providers (resource operators), community software providers, science gateways and other software integrators, and the users, researchers, and educators that use XSEDE.

To find software installed on XSEDE allocated resources and available from the command line and the batch job execution environment visit the:

To discover packaged software, cloud images, software from science gateways, community provided software, and all other forms of software and advanced digital services that are part of the XSEDE ecosystem visit the:

Software in network accessible services

Software available thru network accessible XSEDE enterprise services is described in the Services page.

Software available thru network accessible Science Gateways is described in the Science Gateways page.

Community Software Areas (CSAs)

Most XSEDE allocated resources offer Community Software Areas (CSAs) where software providers can install and share software for XSEDE users to use. A CSA is a disk directory that is outside the software provider's home directory where they can install their software executables, scripts, and libraries. XSEDE will backup the contents of the directory, advertise the software for others to discover thru XSEDE's software catalog, publish software training offered by the provider, and provide software usage statistics.

To request a new CSA a software provider must first request a startup allocation to gain access to the resources where the CSA will created. Once the provider has a startup allocation they should next request the CSA directory on the desired resources by contacting the XSEDE Help Desk.

Consult the Resources page for description of XSEDE systems.

Key Points
Software enables scientific computing and data analysis
Software enables access to integrated resources
Software for developers, services providers, a resource operators
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