XSEDE provides training for use of its many resources. Training includes online as well as self directed courses. In-person events have been moved online temporarily.

Stampede2 Training at Cornell CAC

XSEDE offers a variety of training options to teach current and potential XSEDE users how to effectively utilize XSEDE services. The training classes focus on systems and software supported by the XSEDE Service Providers, covering programming principles and techniques for using resources and services. Training classes are offered in high performance computing, visualization, data management, distributed and grid computing, science gateways, and more.

Training is available in a variety of formats, including webinars, online training, and customized remote workshops. Suggestions for new topics are encouraged via the feedback form. For more information, please see:


Summer Boot Camp at Pittsburgh Computing Center

Key Points
XSEDE offers both online and self-directed training
Extensive technical topics catalog
Training on how to use the newest resources
In-person events are being conducted remotely due to COVID-19.
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