About the XSEDE User Portal

The XSEDE User Portal provides a single point-of-access to XSEDE allocation and account management, job management, XSEDE SSO hub and user documentation.

Create an XSEDE User Portal (XUP) Account

Create an XSEDE User Portal account here: https://portal.xsede.org. Follow the account creation and validation process to complete your portal account setup. Once your portal account is active, you'll have access to all the XUP services detailed below.

XSEDE User Portal Features

Navigate the portal services using the tabs at the top of the page. Under each tab is a set of navigation links for services within each main category.

  • My XSEDE includes information about your XSEDE projects and allocations, system account usernames on all XSEDE resources, a list of registered distinguished names, password change form, and an "Add User" form. This tab mostly contains information related to you, the user, and your XSEDE account.
  • Resources Monitor XSEDE Resources' status, including the load and job queues for compute resources as well as general static information about all of the resources. Users may also browse science gateways from the Resources tab.
  • Documentation includes the Getting Started Guide, compute resource user guides, and other user documentation.
  • Allocations Learn how to request and manage XSEDE allocations. Most users can begin with an XSEDE Startup Allocation.
  • Training Browse online and and in person training sessions for XSEDE users.
  • Help Contact the XSEDE Help Desk and report security incidents.
  • ECSS XSEDE's Extended Collaborative Support Services provides expert consulting services to XSEDE users.

Key Points
XSEDE users must have an XUP account.
Only XUP users may be added to an allocation.
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