SDSC Comet, Gordon deploy Singularity: User-Space Containers for HPC

Posted by Mahidhar Tatineni on 07/20/2016 17:52 UTC

SDSC has deployed Singularity, which enables deployment of user-space containers, on Comet and Gordon. Singularity is a platform to support users that have different system environment needs than what is provided on HPC resources. Singularity leverages a workflow and security model that makes it viable on multi-tenant HPC resources like Comet and Gordon without requiring any modifications to the scheduler or system architecture. Additionally, all typical HPC functions can be leveraged within a Singularity container (e.g. InfiniBand, high performance file systems, GPUs, etc.). While Singularity supports MPI running in a hybrid model where you invoke MPI outside the container and it runs the MPI programs inside the container, this aspect is currently under testing.

Examples for various modes of usage are available in /share/apps/examples/Singularity on Comet. Please email (reference Comet or Gordon as the machine, and SDSC as the site) if you have any further questions about usage and configuration. Details on the Singularity project are available at