International Workshop on Science Gateways 2017 CFP, Poznan, Poland

Start date
06/19/2017 09:00 CDT
End date
06/21/2017 17:00 CDT
Poznan, Poland
Posted by Nancy Wilkins-Diehr on 01/20/2017 17:20 UTC



Science gateways are a community-specific portals offering tools,
applications, and data collections that are integrated together,
providing access to data sources and services of distributed computing
infrastructures (DCIs). Science gateways offer the potential to
facilitate data analysis on a large scale and open the utilisation of
DCIs to wider audiences by providing a customised and easy to use user
interface accessing large computational and data resources. The
complexity of the underlying infrastructure can be completely hidden
from the end-users by a suitably tailored interface. As interest in
science gateways has accelerated in the past few years, an increasing
number of new user communities can utilise grid or cloud computing
resources in a convenient manner.

The workshop aims at bringing together researchers and scientists from
different scientific domains, along with science gateways developers, to
discuss problems and solutions in the area, to identify new issues, to
shape future directions for research, foster the exchange of ideas,
standards and common requirements and push towards the wider adoption of
science gateways in e-Science.

We invite the submission of papers related to various aspects of Science
Gateways. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Science gateway enabling technologies and development frameworks
  • Ready to use science gateways in different areas and disciplines
  • Management of high-throughput data via science gateways
  • Portal technology and portal construction methods
  • Usage models and gateway tools in different disciplines
  • Security aspects of science gateways
  • Usability studies of science gateways

We in particular encourage the submissions of application scientists and
community members, reporting about their experiences with science
gateways. There are three alternatives for researchers to present their
work: talks, lightning talks, and demonstration sessions. Submission of
a full paper may result in a talk, submission of an abstract may result
in a lightning talk or a demonstration. All contributions will be
subject of a double blind peer review which will serve as basis for the
decision of acceptance. Further details of the call are available at
Accepted full papers will be published in a fully indexed journal and
accepted abstracts will be published online on the IWSG webpage. As
negotiations with different publishers are pending please check the IWSG 2017
website throughout the next weeks for more information.

Important dates:
• The deadline for paper/abstract submission: 20 March 2017
• Notification of acceptance: 17 April 2017
• Submission of camera ready papers/abstracts: 01 May, 2017
• Registration deadline for authors/presenters: 15 May, 2017
• Registration closing: 29 May 2017
• Date of the workshop: 19-21 June, 2017

For further details please visit the workshop website at

Dr Krzysztof Kurowski
Application Division Director
Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

Dr Tamas Kiss
Centre for Parallel Computing
Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Science and Technology
University of Westminster