Upcoming addition of 36 NVIDIA P100 GPU nodes to Comet

Posted by Mahidhar Tatineni on 04/07/2017 22:36 UTC

SDSC is pleased to announce that 36 additional GPU nodes are being added to Comet, each of which features 4 NVIDIA P100 GPUs, for a total of 144 additional GPUs. This augments the current 36 GPU nodes on Comet, each of which have 4 NVIDIA K80 GPUs, and brings the total number of GPUs on Comet to 288. The nodes are expected to be in production effective July 1, but users can request them starting with the current XSEDE allocations cycle that is open through April 15, 2017.

Starting in July, users who run on Comet’s GPUs must have a GPU allocation. Users should request the number of K80 or P100 GPU-hours they need (each node has 4 GPUs, so request 4 GPU-hours if you are using the full node for 1 hour). The P100 GPUs are substantially faster than the K80, achieving more than twice the performance for some applications. Accordingly, users will incur a 1.5x premium when running on the P100 vs the K80, and should request 1.5 times the number of K80 GPU-hours if they plan to run on the them. For users with existing allocations who have been running on the GPUs, you will be able to convert a portion of your SUs to GPU-hours a rate of 14 Comet Service Units (SUs) to 1 K80 GPU-hour.

We will update the Comet user documentation as the nodes become available and the new charging takes effect. In the interim, please contact for additional details.