Stampede 2 Update: Stampede 1’s Production KNL Sub-System Moving to Stampede 2

Posted by Bryan Snead on 05/11/2017 17:42 UTC

The Stampede 2 deployment continues to go well: we expect to begin ** Phase 1 production service during the week of June 7 ** with a full complement of 4,200 Intel Knights Landing (KNL) compute nodes. Later this summer we’ll begin Phase 2 deployment of an additional 1,736 nodes featuring an upcoming Intel processor. We will continue to downsize Stampede 1 as this transition proceeds, but Stampede 1 will remain available until Fall 2017 when Stampede 2 enters full production.

The next major step focuses on the 508 KNL nodes ( that are currently in production as a sub-system of the existing Stampede cluster. ** On or about Wednesday, 17 May 2017 we will stop accepting new jobs on the KNL sub-system. We will do our best to allow pending jobs to run to completion before we permanently retire the login-knl1 login node. ** This will have no effect on the availability of your files: the Sandy Bridge and KNL sides of Stampede 1 share the same home, work, and scratch file systems.

Please watch XSEDE User News (!) for additional information over the next few weeks. For now, note that TACC will have no KNLs in production service for a 3-4 week period beginning in mid-May. The temporary absence of 508 KNL nodes will likely put additional pressure on the Sandy Bridge queues. We especially appreciate your patience with queue wait times as we continue the process of installing Stampede 2.

Please submit any questions you may have via the Consulting section of the XSEDE User Portal.