Senior HPC Systems Administrator

Posted by Travis Tate on 07/31/2017 21:09 UTC

Title: Senior HPC Systems Administrator
Deadline to Apply: 2017-08-31
Deadline to Remove: 2017-09-01
Job Summary: The Senior HPC Systems Administrator will research and design large-scale research systems, related infrastructure services, and operating systems, as well as lead or significantly support research projects. Responsible for large sections of Purdue’s computational research environment and help set direction of future research systems. Work closely with researchers, systems administrators, and developers throughout the University and partner institutions to develop large-impact projects and computational systems. Lead IT colleagues and actively contribute to internal and external research projects, along with grant-funded initiatives. Develop and improve existing cluster and grid infrastructure technologies; and researches and prototype new systems and technologies. Write proposals outlining new acquisitions, and lead efforts to improve service delivery to Purdue’s researchers. Participate in national computing activities by attending workshops, conferences and presenting research.
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Job Location: West Lafayette, IN
Institution: Purdue University
Requisition Number: 1701106
Posting Date: 2017-07-31
Job Posting Type: Job
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