Research Cyberinfrastructure Center Director

Posted by Travis Tate on 07/31/2017 21:15 UTC

Research Cyberinfrastructure Center Director Recruitment 2017-0641
The Research Cyberinfrastructure Center (RCIC) will serve as the central resource for accessing, providing, coordinating and enhancing research Information Technology facilities and services for the University of California, Irvine. The RCIC Director will provide overall leadership in establishing the RCIC, building on the current Research Computing Support group in the Office of Information Technology (OIT) as outlined in the document “A Vision for Research Cyberinfrastructure at UCI" (
The Director reports to the Vice Chancellor for Research and has a secondary reporting relationship to the Chief Information Officer. OIT supports the RCIC administratively and provides data center and other supplementary services. The Director meets regularly with the RCIC Executive Committee where all key decisions are reviewed before they are finalized. The RCIC Director serves as a member of the VCR’s and the CIO’s senior leadership teams, to ensure alignment with campus research goals, and to facilitate integration and synergies with educational technology and other campus services.
The Director oversees research IT services provided by the RCIC, and facilitates collaborative service relationships with other groups that provide related services, in support of all UCI faculty and research staff. The Director coordinates with OIT and with partner organizations such as the UCI Libraries, Data Sciences Initiative, Calit2, and academic schools.
The RCIC Director provides:
Working in conjunction with the Vice Chancellor for Research, CIO, RCIC staff, and the RCIC Faculty Advisory Committee, develop short and long range RCI goals and planning in support of UCI research objectives. Drive priority setting and decision-making regarding RCI policies and use of RCIC resources and funding. Define and expand the RCIC service portfolio, developing required services to address the needs of campus researchers.
Engage with the RCIC Faculty Advisory Committee, which comprises representatives from academic schools, OIT, the Office of Research, the UCI Libraries, Data Sciences Initiative, and other research entities. The Advisory Committee will meet approximately quarterly to provide high-level guidance. In conjunction with the VCR and CIO, the Director engages with the RCIC Executive Committee, which is a subset of the Advisory Committee that meets monthly to provide finer grain guidance.
Shepherd overall progress: gathering input, creating and sharing draft plans, factoring in feedback, making and/or communicating decisions. In coordination with the Faculty Advisory Committee, oversee processes to assess service effectiveness.
Serve as the overall architect of the campus RCI environment. Through ongoing interactions with RCIC staff, faculty, professional organizations and the research computing community, stay abreast of research computing trends, techniques, and technologies to ensure they are appropriately leveraged at UCI. Analyze campus needs for research computing infrastructure, assess customer impact and cost of anticipated changes, and recommend overall goals and strategic and technical directions. Serve in a senior advisory role for major research IT projects and initiatives.
Identify funding opportunities from both internal and external sources. External sources include State and Federal agencies as well as private foundations and companies. Where appropriate, develop relationships with local companies that may lead to cooperative agreements or support for research computing. Lead the writing of infrastructure grant proposals and work with faculty to develop and coordinate grant proposals that have RCI components. Engage with Federal funding agencies to promote RCIC expertise and address needs. Seek continued and expanded central campus RCIC funding through documented evidence of positive impact on research objectives and overall return on campus investment.
The Director leads efforts to recruit, hire, train and supervise staff of the highest caliber. With senior RCIC staff, define jobs, establish goals and objectives, provide regular constructive feedback, motivate and coach staff, resolve interpersonal conflicts, conduct performance evaluations, and make salary and job classification recommendations. Encourage staff expertise development and set goals for employee growth and improvement. Provide a work environment that facilitates staff excellence and ensures that staff have the tools required to do their jobs. Promote and disseminate the ideas and accomplishments of the staff.
Facilitate a flexible and inclusive approach to RCI staffing and expertise. UCI staff that support RCI, whether they are in the RCIC, other in units such as the UCI Libraries, a school, research group, or ORU/Institute, will be coordinated

UCI Recruitment 2017-0641 Research Cyberinfrastructure Center Director
through an extended UCI RCI support team. Staff will continue to be directed by the entities through which they are funded, but participate in expertise sharing where it is mutually beneficial to project and campus goals. The RCIC Director will facilitate this approach, which will be further strengthened through joint central/school assignments as appropriate.
Oversee management and ongoing renewal of RCIC resources, including high performance compute clusters, campus storage facilities, secure data infrastructure, research remote desktop environment, and associated services. Ensure responsive and robust services through appropriate staff assignments, hardware and software configurations, higher availability redundant hardware and file backups, and vendor maintenance agreements.
In conjunction with the OIT Business Office, manage the RCIC budget to ensure optimum use of funds; provide regular updates to the RCIC Faculty Advisory Committee and others to ensure transparency. Direct the development of charge-back models to provide above-baseline services in support of funded research projects.
With the senior RCIC staff, the Director will oversee and help provide systematic outreach to faculty and research staff to ensure that the full potential of RCI investment is realized. The outreach will include direct interactions with individuals, attending departmental and research group meetings, and broad and directed electronic communications.
Develop strong relationships with faculty to stay abreast of evolving needs and collaborate toward meeting research objectives. Establish a platform to solicit feedback and engage faculty in decision-making on a continuous basis. Build a vibrant RCI campus community by connecting stakeholders, offering incentives for participation, and establishing high accountability and transparency standards for all operations of the RCIC.
Make presentations to departmental and campus-wide groups, where audience may be faculty, technical, or business staff. Build bridges for research computing support for faculty on the Health Sciences network. Strongly encourage and reward efforts to increase the spread of information and expertise via documentation and electronic tools. Direct RCIC provision of concierge services to researchers to help match needs to available internal and external services. Oversee the development and maintenance of web resources with information about RCI services and other material. Assist and advise technical staff on customer interaction and communication regarding complex technical and service information to technical and non-technical audiences.
Oversee the development and provision of research computing training programs for researchers at all levels including incoming faculty, students and staff to ensure baseline awareness of resources and best practices. This training should provide resources such as the Software and Data Carpentry courses, instruction in specific languages and techniques, and the use of Linux. Training includes information about RCI resources within UCI, UC, and beyond through contacts at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, the NSF-funded XSEDE organization, and its national research computational centers. Evaluate benefits of an intern program with which to mentor future employees and foster interactions with local companies. Organize programs to showcase research supported by the RCI Center and facilitate faculty engagement and collaboration.
Serve on campus, UC-wide and national research technology committees and provide input to the VCR and CIO regarding national and UC-wide research technology initiatives and best practices. Act as a primary campus representative to other UC campuses to coordinate research IT planning and drive research IT direction and activities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of services at both the systemwide and campus levels.
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