Research Computing Facilitator

Posted by Hannah Remmert on 08/09/2017 21:36 UTC

Title: Research Computing Facilitator
Deadline to Apply: 2017-08-10
Deadline to Remove: 2017-08-11
Job Summary: The Research Computing Facilitator works with campus researchers to identify and assist with implementing technologies that will best support their research and scholarly activities including: provide Research Computing “concierge” service, collaborate with campus researchers and scholars to understand their areas of research interest and scholarly activity. Identify appropriate information technology (IT) services and approaches for researchers and scholars that help to remove barriers to their research and scholarly goals, facilitate the connections between researchers and scholars to the appropriate IT services, build and deliver appropriate training for campus researchers and scholars in cooperation with other staff, develop and provide appropriate documentation in cooperation with other staff, provide recommendations for new and expanded research computing services based on evaluations of campus needs, and advocate for the services on behalf of the campus researchers, develop a professional knowledge network with other facilitators, both on- and off-campus, leverage the professional network to advance research and scholarly activities. Identify potential intra- and inter-institutional collaborations, and other duties or projects as assigned as appropriate to rank and departmental mission.
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Job Location: Stony Brook, NY
Institution: Stony Brook University
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Posting Date: 2017-08-09
Job Posting Type: Job
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