MPI Foundations I & II

Posted by Jason Allison on 03/27/2017 19:41 UTC

On April 14th, 2017; TACC will be offering the following training courses via webcast to the XSEDE community:

MPI Foundations I – 8:30AM – 12:00PM CT

Learn the basics of the Single Program, Multiple Data (SPMD) programming model through the... (read_more_link)Read more


R HPC Training Webinar

Posted by Jason Allison on 03/23/2017 18:45 UTC

This training will provide existing R users with training on how to use R in an HPC environment. We will cover logistical issues with getting your R code up and running on TACC resources, as well as how to take advantage of the unique resources... (read_more_link)Read more


NHERI DesignSafe Training Webinar - Unleashing Jupyter and R in DesignSafe

Posted by Jason Allison on 03/23/2017 16:28 UTC

This webinar focuses on utilizing Jupyter and R within the DesignSafe environment. Topics covered include:

- Advanced Data Analysis
- Data Correlation
- Plotting

Please see the following link to register for the event: (read_more_link)Read more


XSEDE Short Survey: Training

Posted by Susan Mehringer on 03/16/2017 18:43 UTC

The XSEDE Training team would appreciate your input and feedback on several aspects of training, such as topics and delivery methods. Our goal is to effectively improve and expand XSEDE training offerings. Please take a few minutes to complete... (read_more_link)Read more


XSEDE ALLOCATION REQUESTS Open Submission, Guidelines, Resource and Policy Changes

Posted by Ken Hackworth on 03/16/2017 14:23 UTC

XSEDE is now accepting Research Allocation Requests for the allocation period, July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. The submission period is from March 15, 2017 thru April 15, 2017. Please review the new XSEDE systems and important policy changes... (read_more_link)Read more