Ranch Status 23 June 2017

Posted by Jacob Getz on 06/23/2017 20:41 UTC

Ranch has recovered from our earlier power outage and is back in production as of 15:30 CST today.


TACC Sitewide Power Event 6-23-17

Posted by Jacob Getz on 06/23/2017 13:39 UTC

At 1:15 AM Central Time, TACC and our facilities experienced a power outage. Every TACC system was affected. Power has since been restored. An update will be posted to User News when resources are back in full production.


Ranch Status 6/15

Posted by Matthew Edeker on 06/15/2017 22:35 UTC

TACC’s Ranch system experienced a hardware failure around 4:05PM, and the administrators are working to resolve the problem. We will update this announcement when the system is back in production.

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