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2015 Fellows Named

2015 Champions Fellows Named

Five XSEDE Campus Champion fellows have been named for the coming calendar year. Be sure to watch the presentations from our 2014 Fellows at the XSEDE15 conference. They'll be presenting on Wednesday July 29 at 1pm in a plenary session.

The Fellows program partners Campus Champions with Extended Collaborative Support Services (ECSS) staff and research teams to work side-by-side on research projects. The Fellows develop a high level of expertise within a particular aspect of what XSEDE has to offer for them to then share with the students, administrators, staff and faculty on their respective campuses.

Kevin Abbey (Rutgers) will be working on a Fellow-designed project to enhance his skills in Lustre setup, monitoring and optimization in support of the Center for Computational and Integrative Biology and other departments at Rutgers. Work will also include optimization of FDR IB, MLNX OFED usage, Mellanox HPC-X application acceleration features; GPU devices,  CUDA setup, monitoring and usage; Hadoop setup using vSMP and Lustre connector. Kevin will write up documentation for others and will be working with XSEDE ECSS and Operations staff members Mahidhar Tatineni, Haisong Cai and Rick Wagner, all at SDSC.

Erin Hodgess (University of Houston Downtown) will also be working on a Fellow-designed project (this opportunity was new to the program this year) with ECSS staffer Kevin Chen (TACC). Erin will be working to produce more effective tools for spatio-temporal functions in R, specifically extending her skills in MPI and CUDA as they relate to R. She will compile tools she develops into a package and produce an online class.

Don McLauglin (West Virginia University) will work with XSEDE TEOS staffer Steve Gordon (OSC) to to plan, design and develop a certificate or degree program in computational science  within the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at West Virginia University, but serving as a model for others.

Nitin Sukhija (Mississippi State) will work with ECSS staff member Pragnesh Patel (NICS) on PI Joshua New's (ORNL) ECSS project entitled "Design of Experiments and In-Situ Big Data Analytics for Energy Efficient Buildings". Their work involves simplifying the use of the EnergyPlus (E+) code to conduct whole-building simulations by employing sensitivity analyses on the many input variables to E+.

Craig Tanis (U Tennessee Chattanooga) will work with ECSS staff member Dora Cai (NCSA) on PI Noshir Contractor's (Northwestern) ECSS project entitled "Exponential Random Graph Models for Large Networks: Snowball Sampling and Conditional Estimation using Parallel High Performance Computing". The goal of this work is to develop a theoretical and methodological framework for the creation and verification of a parallelized application of estimating model parameters of networks far larger than previously possible by using sampling and conditional estimation. Real life social networks such as friendship networks in Second Life and Twitter networks will be used to demonstrate success.