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XSEDE researchers visualize massive Joplin, Missouri tornado

Using XSEDE services and resources and the power of NCSA’s Data Analysis and Visualization group, a pair of Illinois researchers were able to accurately simulate an EF-5 tornado in Joplin, MO from...

Function Follows Form

Simulations on XSEDE Resource plus Lab Work on Frog Neuromuscular Junction Sheds Light on Human Diseases

Testing the Footing

XSEDE Resources Help Univ. of Chicago Team Simulate Cell Movement, Upending Scientific Expectations

Putting Neutrinos on Ice

Identification of Cosmic-Ray Source by IceCube Neutrino Observatory Depended on Global Collaboration, XSEDE Resources

XSEDE announces 2018-2019 Campus Champions Fellows

XSEDE has selected five Campus Champions Fellows for the next year, studying everything from agriculture to computer science.

Campus Champions Celebrate 10 Years

Thanks to sustained funding from XSEDE and the National Science Foundation (NSF) over the last ten years, Campus Champions have helped support research that will change the world

Je'aime Powell: A Path to Success

Education, early mentors, XSEDE and TACC help pave the way for an under-represented student

Q&A with Apratim Bhattacharya, XSEDE User

Protein folding and protein-protein interactions underlie our conceptual understanding of how living systems work.

E-C-S-Yes: XSEDE’s Extended Collaborative Support Services

XSEDE’s Extended Collaborative Support Services (ECSS) team provides individual and community guidance for users to improve, enhance, execute, and troubleshoot their projects.
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