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NCAR adopts XRAS as allocations system

XRAS adopted as the allocations service for computing systems — and aircraft — at NCAR


The XSEDE Resource Allocations System, or XRAS, manages more than 200 allocation requests at each of its quarterly allocation meetings along with more than 200 Startup, Education, and other requests received continually each quarter. XRAS was developed as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool with the goal of allowing other organizations to leverage XSEDE's investment for the national research computing infrastructure. After being deployed for XSEDE in 2014, XRAS was adopted as the production allocations system for the Computational and Information Systems Lab (CISL) at NCAR in 2015, and is also being used by the CADENS project at NCSA.


XRAS is continuing to develop a number of features to improve the XRAS service its users. These features include customizable submission interfaces, integrated reporting capabilities for allocations staff, and a streamlined allocations workflow. For more information about how to use XRAS resources at your institution, please visit