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October 13, 2017 Service Provider Forum Webinar

October 13, 2017 SP Forum Webinar

Containerized and Virtual Computing Webinar

Presenter(s): Trevor Cooper (Comet) Mahidhar Tatineni (Comet) Mike Lowe (Jetstream) Nate Rini (NCAR) Robert Budden (Bridges) Dan Stanzione (Stampede) Eric Shook (UMN)

Presentation Slides Comet Topics

Presentation Slides NCAR Topics

Presentation Slides Bridges Topics

Presentation Slides TACC Topics

Presentation Slides User Perspective

he XSEDE Service Provider Forum is pleased to hold a webinar designed to help the broader XSEDE community navigate the opportunities for containerized and virtual computing that covers the space of virtual clusters, Singularity, OpenStack, Shifter, Docker, Kubernetes, etc. This 90-minute webinar will include 15 minute sessions (including Q&A) from 5 SPs . Featured SPs include Comet (Trevor Cooper, SDSC), Jetstream (Mike Lowe, IU), NCAR systems (Nathan Rini, NCAR)), Bridges (Robert Budden, PSC) and TACC systems including Stampede2 (Dan Stanzione, TACC). We'll conclude with a user perspective from XSEDE GIS domain champion Eric Shook (U Minnesota). 15 min Comet topics (Trevor Cooper, SDSC): Virtualization vs Containerization Comet VC use cases Comet Singularity use cases Comet Kubernetes use cases (possibly) Allocation Applicability SDSC User Services Assistance Slides 15 min Jetstream topics (Mike Lowe, IU, live demo, no slides): Docker enabled images Container Orchestration Services 15 min NCAR topics (Nathan Rini, NCAR): Nathan Rini - Presentation Using inception for (unprivileged) users to use different supercomputer environments Cluster Cron using inception Using docker for system services 15 min Bridges topics (Robert Budden, PSC): Virtual Machines Community Gateways Containers / Singularity 15 min TACC/Stampede topics (Dan Stanzione, TACC): 15 min User perspective (Eric Shook U Minnesota): Experience using Singularity Containers Building a Science Gateway using these technologies User Considerations