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XSEDE Names 2016 Campus Champions Fellows

XSEDE names 2016 Campus Champion Fellows Five Fellows paired with cyberinfrastructure experts for a year The National Science Foundation's Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery...

Opening Bridges

May 31, 2015 Early Success from Game-Changing Bridges System at PSC   Scientists have reported progress in fields such as genomics, public health, chemistry, machine...

Comet Tree of Life

A new ‘tree of life’, depicting the evolution of life on this planet that includes more than 1,000 new types of bacteria and Archaea lurking in the Earth’s nooks and crannies

XCBC aids bentley university

XCBC Aids Bentley University Outcome: From left to right, Dr. David Oury, Jason Wells, and Campus Bridging Engineer Eric Coulter cluster around the new Rocks-at-Bentley cluster,...

Science of Jet Noise

XSEDE ECSS support helps researcher with performance gains, new code

Partners Garner Awards

XSEDE partners win 2015 HPCwire Readers' and Editor's Choice Awards   HPCwire Awards Recognize Outstanding Achievements in Science and Technology   AUSTIN, TX. November...

News Turtle Tree of Life

The Turtle Tree of Life Probing the Lineage of One of Nature's Most Evolutionary Eclectic Creatures By Scott Gibson, Science Writer, the National Institute for Computational Sciences,...

Bridges to the Future

Bridges to the Future Bridges , available starting in 2016 at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, is a new concept in high-performance computing—a system designed to support familiar,...

Jump on Jetstream

Jump on Jetstream Apply by October 15 for time on Jetstream! Jetstream, the new XSEDE shared cloud resource, is slated to be online and available for use on January 22,...

Explore Large Data for Scientific Discovery

Exploring Large Data for Scientific Discovery Scott Gibson, Communications Specialist, University of Tennessee More elegant techniques combined with highly interdisciplinary,...

2015 Fellows Named

2015 Champions Fellows Named Five XSEDE Campus Champion fellows have been named for the coming calendar year.  Be sure to watch the presentations from our 2014 Fellows at the XSEDE15...

136 projects win access to XSEDE NSF supercomputing resources

At its March quarterly XSEDE Resource Allocations Committee (XRAC) review, a total of 291 million computing hours, valued at just under $15 million, were awarded to 136 deserving projects...

XSEDE helps advance biomedical imaging

XSEDE helps advance biomedical imaging technology for better understanding, diagnosing and treating cancer and other diseases

Urban Insights

XSEDE Helps Improve the Quality of Life in Cities and Towns
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