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XSEDE-Allocated Models Assist with Better Understanding of Tuberculosis

Expanse Supercomputer Spotlights Role of Unstable Cells in Response to Infection

College Students Learn Molecular Simulation on Bridges-2

XSEDE educational allocation gives students taste of computational field, tools for science careers

Cell's Energy Secrets Revealed with Supercomputers

XSEDE allocations on TACC's Stampede2, Ranch systems help develop most detailed model yet of mitochondrial protein-protein complex

Pulsating Cells

Research using XSEDE supercomputers studies bioelectric effects of cells to develop new anti-cancer strategies. Cell membranes are the key regulating factor for biological processes at the...

Supercomputers Help Supercharge Protein Assembly

XSEDE allocations on Stampede2 and Comet speed simulation of protein oligomers

A Basic Switch

Bridges Simulations Explain Lab Results in pH-Dependent Life Process

Evolution Used Same Genetic Formula to Turn Animals Monogamous

Scientists rely on XSEDE to compare massive amounts of genetic data across species


XSEDE Anton2, Stampede2 systems model Inositol phosphate interactions with HIV-1 structural proteins

Function Follows Form

Simulations on XSEDE Resource plus Lab Work on Frog Neuromuscular Junction Sheds Light on Human Diseases

Testing the Footing

XSEDE Resources Help Univ. of Chicago Team Simulate Cell Movement, Upending Scientific Expectations