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College Students Learn Molecular Simulation on Bridges-2

XSEDE educational allocation gives students taste of computational field, tools for science careers

"Artificial Chemist" Directs Automated Lab to Create Better MRI Contrast Agents

Artificial-intelligence algorithm developed on XSEDE-allocated systems promises better MRI agents with unprecedented speed of discovery

Comet Supercomputer Used to Illustrate Novel Methane Storage Applications

Research Findings Could Lead to Higher Density Carbon-Neutral Chemical Fuels

XSEDE Resources Help Researchers Achieve Crystal Clear Results. Literally.

Supercomputer-Generated Models Shed Light on Color-Changing Material Applications

Campus Champion Publishes CURE Paper

Cal Poly Pomona Inorganic Chemistry Professor Teams With Graduate Student. For the past three years, several course-based undergraduate research experiences, called CUREs, have been led by Campus...