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Bridges Study Tracks Artificial-Light Impact on Migratory Birds

Analysis of 42 species in Western hemisphere suggests most effective steps for reducing city lights’ harm

Multiple Supercomputers Used to Simulate Carbon in Earth's Outer Core

Researchers use advanced simulation techniques to set constraints on carbon content

AI Predicts Synthesizability of Crystals via Abstract Images

Images derived from crystal structures give neural network running on XSEDE-allocated system clues needed to predict ability to create a given crystal in the real world

Electrical Charge of Vaccine Particles May Lead to Blood-Clot Side Effect

XSEDE-powered simulations suggest complication may stem from oppositely charged clot-forming protein sticking to engineered adenovirus

Experimental Statistics Theory Advanced Thanks to XSEDE Allocations

Comet and Bridges-2 Put Mirzakhani Theorem to the Test

College Students Learn Molecular Simulation on Bridges-2

XSEDE educational allocation gives students taste of computational field, tools for science careers

Supercomputers Comet, Bridges Provide Single Model of Both Inner and Outer Solar System

XSEDE-allocations lend insight into formation of multiple planets

Supercomputer Simulations Illustrate a Way to End Dangerous "Forever Chemicals"

XSEDE Allocations Provide Catalyst for Cleaning Up Drinking Water Contaminants

Bridges Simulates Tiny Robots with Better Directability, Maneuverability

Proof of concept for rational design of “biohybrid walkers” reduces lab testing, expense
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