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XSEDE Systems Power DNA-Based Identification of Surface, Airborne Microbes Worldwide

Samples from 60 cities reveal previously unknown microbes, diversity of antibiotic resistance genes

Supercomputer-Generated Models Provide Better Understanding of Esophageal Disorders

Researchers Use XSEDE Resources to Illustrate the “Mechanical Health” of the Esophagus

XSEDE-Supported Modeling Results in New Findings for Preeclampsia Patients

Study shows preeclampsia associated with low-oxygen microenvironment in uterus

Supercomputers Aid in Maternal and Paternal DNA Research at UC Irvine

XSEDE Allocations May Help Improve Medicine and Food Production

XSEDE Systems Power Discovery of Two-X-Chromosome Male Voles

The way this rodent species determines sex differs from all other mammals known

Virtual Brain Injury Study Identifies Key Factors in Nerve-Fiber Damage

Initial report uses simulation on XSEDE resource for a finer-scale look at stresses leading to TBI

XSEDE-Allocated Supercomputers Help Accelerate Alzheimer's Research

Comet, Stampede2 supercomputers assist study of nearly 50,000 brain scans

Rapid ID of Potential Anti-COVID-19 Agents Powered by XSEDE

Bridges-AI identifies more than 20,000 compounds with possible anti-virus activity, thousands of times faster than earlier methods

AI Uses Language Rules to Simulate Molecular Motions on XSEDE-Allocated Bridges

Recreates known chemical rules, opens door to improved vaccines, drugs, industrial processes

Supercomputers Simulate New Pathways for Potential RNA Virus Treatment

XSEDE allocations lead to important viral inhibitor discovery

San Diego Supercomputer Center's Comet Aids in Sickle Cell Research Discovery

New models show details of stress caused by malformed red blood cells

Comet Supercomputer Calculations Boost Understanding of Immune System

SDSC Team Uses XSEDE Allocations to Assist Vanderbilt University Human Vaccines Project

Settling In

XSEDE Resources Correct Computer-Predicted Protein Simulations, Approaching Lab Accuracy

Microscopic ... and Huge

XSEDE-allocated Bridges supercomputer powers visualization of whole viruses at atomic level