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MuST Program Simplifies Predictions of Material Properties

XSEDE ECSS scientist a leader in development of open-source tool for engineering new substances

LED's Bright Early Light

Stampede2, Ranch at TACC through XSEDE help explore new solid-state lighting materials

XSEDE Resources Used for High Tech Materials Science Study

Supercomputing helps advance zirconia research for future applications

Supercomputer Simulations Help Advance Electrochemical Reaction Research

Comet, Stampede2 reveal new insights for nickel-embedded graphene

Supercomputers Drive Ion Transport Research

XSEDE-allocated Stampede2 supercomputer powers path-sampling molecular simulations

Supercomputers Help Engineers Discover New Materials for Solar Cells and LEDs

Large-Scale Quantum Calculations are Key to Findings

Supercomputers Help Supercharge Protein Assembly

XSEDE allocations on Stampede2 and Comet speed simulation of protein oligomers