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Multiple open positions at Ohio Supercomputer Center

Posted by Hannah Remmert on 02/07/2019 21:59 UTC

Ohio Supercomputer Center is now hiring for the following positions:

Chief Operating Officer

Job Summary: While reporting to the Executive Director of OARnet in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Chancellor of the University System of Ohio (Education Technology Division) the Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for the operation and ongoing development of the statewide technology infrastructure which includes optical fiber network and all internal systems operations and development; responsible for IRU renewal and fiber procurement; responsible for statistical analysis and review; directs network research and IT efficiency development projects related to new and emerging engineering innovations to ensure that the infrastructure is totally functional and up to date using ITIL framework; evaluates, recommends and implements hardware strategies and future growth options; develops long range strategic plan for OARnet; assists Executive Director in the overall operation of OARnet; participates on the OARnet Management Team; collaborates with OARsec, OARtech and other advisory committees to develop and implement policy; develops and evaluates research proposals to federal and state agencies for network R&D. Provides technical expertise and technical direction in maintaining and improving network and systems applications. Develops and implements new networking applications and protocols.

Job URL:

Senior Systems Manager – Outside Plant Coordinator

Job Summary: In collaboration with the Chancellor for the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the University System of Ohio, in accordance with university policies, goals, and objectives the Outside Plant Coordinator collaborates with OARnet staff on all aspects of design and maintenance of the OARnet fiber plant consisting of over 5,000 route miles of outside plant infrastructure. Coordinate with fiber vendors and contractors for existing and new spans. Provide consultation to OARnet member schools, affiliates and partners. Manage fiber proposals, dark fiber IRU’s, dark fiber bids, and other contracts associated with the OARnet dark fiber plant. Provide scope definition, engineering design review, and approvals for the OARnet fiber network. Prepare, manage and maintain project documentation, maps, CAD and KMZ drawings for all fiber routes, splice locations and vendor contacts. Attend customer and vendor meetings, perform site surveys and walk outs as necessary. Position is often required to be accessible via phone when not in the office and have Internet access to perform certain work assignments from home as well as for on-call and off-hour work requirements. Routine travel throughout the state is required.

Job URL:

Tier 2 NOC Technician

Job Summary: Proactively monitors the OARnet backbone and acts as the first point of escalation for technical issues in a 24×7 NOC; creates and manages trouble tickets in coordination with the Service Desk to respond to network alarms and events; conducts network maintenance following established procedures; assesses, monitors, and confirms the impact of network outages and scheduled vendor maintenance; provides direct customer support and assists clients in troubleshooting performance and connectivity problems; identifies, troubleshoots, and resolves network circuit failures; follows escalation procedures to ensure that critical issues are addressed in a timely manner; actively works with Engineering and Client Services groups to support OARnet services; other duties as assigned. May be required to be available during off duty hours and/or on call. This is a second shift position.

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