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Bridges Scheduling Tips - Improve Turnaround Time

Posted by Tom Maiden on 05/07/2019 15:40 UTC

There are several techniques you can use to try to improve your turnaround on Bridges, although, since the scheduler is FIFO with backfill, you may just have to wait your turn.

1. Estimate your walltime as closely as possible without underestimating.
2. Use flexible walltime by using the --time-min option to the sbatch command. The use of this option is described in the Running Jobs section of the Bridges User Guide.
3. Use job bundling (also called job packing) to combine your jobs. This combines several smaller jobs into one. There is a better chance for one job to start than multiple smaller jobs. Job bundling is described in the Sample Scripts section of the Bridges User Guide.
4. Space out your job submissions. Bridges runs a fairshare scheduler. If you have run a lot of jobs recently, the priority of your queued jobs will be reduced slightly until they have accumulated some waiting time in the queue.