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Seeking nominations for the XSEDE Advisory Board

Posted by Hannah Remmert on 05/17/2019 17:03 UTC

XSEDE seeks nominations for individuals to serve on the XSEDE Advisory Board (XAB). Nominations will be accepted from May 20 through June 14, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. Central Time. Nominations should be sent to

The XAB aims to ensure that XSEDE is designed to impact a broad range of disciplines, enable both research and education, have broader impacts to society, and have a user community that is diverse (gender, ethnic background, etc.). The XAB includes representation from all types of colleges and universities, advises in the annual planning process, reviews the annual plans, and recommends strategic directions. While primarily strategic, the XAB may make tactical recommendations that help XSEDE.

The XAB consists of five scientific leaders from different communities who use XSEDE along with the chair of the XSEDE User Advisory Committee (UAC) and three representatives from the XSEDE Service Provider Forum (SPF). These members are complemented by an additional five senior members of the broader community. Between two and four new members will be selected to join the XAB and will be requested to serve for the remainder of the XSEDE 2.0 project (August 2021).

All members of the community are eligible to serve on the XAB. Individuals can nominate themselves or nominate another person as a potential XAB member. A nomination may be submitted during the nomination period to the XSEDE project which includes a statement of interest for the individual to be a nominee for XAB membership.

All statements of interest should include:

  • Full name and contact e-mail address of the nominee,
  • Organization and contact information of nominee, and
  • A statement of support of the candidate nominee (maximum of 500 words). This should include:
    • A brief statement of achievements and role in the community,
    • How their work aligns with the mission of the XSEDE project, and
    • An assessment of the individual’s ability to represent the needs of the community over the interests of the organization from which they come.

Nominees who did not self-nominate will be offered a chance to decline their nomination. If they accept their nomination, they will be asked to supply a statement of no more than 250 words about why they should be elected to the XAB.

XAB obligations include:

  • Ensuring that the mission and vision of XSEDE are met and evolve as appropriate;
  • Attending at least 4 of the 6 annual meetings (5 teleconference + 1 in-person), with the in-person meeting in April being strongly encouraged;
  • Conducting an annual review and providing feedback regarding the project’s operational plan for the upcoming project year; and
  • Providing insight and input regarding strategic and operational topics.

For additional information on the XSEDE project, visit our website.

For question concerning this call for nominations, please contact Ron Payne, XSEDE Program Manager, at