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Update: Jetstream TACC outage 7/14/2019 Cancelled

Outage start
07/14/2019 08:00 CDT
Anticipated end
07/14/2019 20:00 CDT
Outage type
Full outage

Update 2

Posted by Mike Packard on 07/14/2019 12:15 UTC

This maintenance has been cancelled.

Update 1

Posted by Mike Packard on 06/28/2019 20:35 UTC

Apologies for the correction: The Jetstream at TACC outage will take place on Sunday, July 14 from 8am – 8pm central time.

Original post

Posted by Mike Packard on 06/28/2019 19:12 UTC

Jetstream at TACC will be offline for hardware maintenance all day on July 18, 2019.