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Associate Director for Advanced Computing Enablement position available at Texas A&M

Posted by Hannah Remmert on 08/02/2019 14:46 UTC

Title: Associate Director for Advanced Computing Enablement
Job Summary: The Associate Director, Information Technology is responsible for: assisting the HPRC Director in developing strategies to build a nationally competitive and recognized center for computational and data-enabled science and engineering; facilitating the efficient use of HPRC resources for the research of faculty and staff across Texas A&M University; providing high performance computing training and outreach; managing staff who provide technical and knowledge domain consulting to users of HPRC resources; building and developing strong research collaborations across campus and nationally; representing HPRC interests on various local, regional and national organizations, for serving as the Campus Champion to provide assistance to local users to use national NSF XSEDE resources; and bridging and providing consulting services to users to use the national Leadership-class Frontera system at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). We need an individual who subscribes to and supports our commitment as stated above. If the above description sounds interesting to you, we invite you to apply to be considered for this opportunity.
Job URL:
Job Location: College Station, TX
Institution: Texas A&M University