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New REST API available for Science Gateways to report unique users

Posted by Shava Smallen on 09/04/2019 22:20 UTC

Science gateways running on XSEDE often use a single gateway user account to submit jobs on behalf of many users, however, they are required to report the number of unique users per quarter. The XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration (XCI) team has released a new REST API that enables a gateway to report the gateway username associated with a job directly from their gateway rather than needing to call a command-line tool installed at SP resources (i.e., gateway-submit-attributes). This new REST API also enables gateways to report additional attributes about software, usage, and VM id (e.g., if running on Jetstream). Gateways are strongly advised to switch to the new method of reporting these attributes as the older methods will be decommissioned by Nov 30, 2019. More information is available at