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Research Software Engineer position available at Brown University

Posted by Noni Ledford on 09/26/2019 21:17 UTC

JOB TITLE: Research Software Engineer
INSTITUTION: Brown University
WORK LOCATION: Providence, Rhode Island
Job URL:

JOB SUMMARY: The Research Software Engineer (RSE) is responsible for providing high level support for Brown researchers and their collaborators. The Research Software Engineer is responsible for keeping up-to-date knowledge and understanding of best practices needed to take full advantage of the University’s high performance computing (HPC) resources and external resources such as XSEDE and other leadership class facilities. This includes recommending algorithmic, software and hardware solutions, and designing, debugging and maintaining domain specific scientific applications. The Research Software Engineer is also responsible for helping users adapt to a production shared resource, its scheduling system, and its high performance data storage systems. This position is also expected to lead outreach activities to promote the Center for Computation and Visualization (CCV) and produce and present workshops and technical presentations in support of CCV activities. Other responsibilities include providing parallel coding support, adapting serial codes to effectively use CCV resources and acting as a consultant for Advanced Research Computing. This is a two year position with the possibility of becoming a permanent position.