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Senior Research Scientist position available at Stony Brook University

Posted by Noni Ledford on 10/09/2019 19:02 UTC

JOB TITLE: Senior Research Scientist
INSTITUTION: Stony Brook University
JOB LOCATION: Stony Brook, New York

JOB SUMMARY: The incumbent will assist in the execution of large projects in scientific computing, and over time will assume leadership of major project elements. This position is for a user-facing computational scientist familiar with High-performance computing and scientific applications. This person will assist users in the porting and tuning of their applications and act as the frontline for user support. The person will prepare materials for training, hold both in-person and online workshops, gather materials and data, and prepare reports for internal use and for reporting to NSF. This person will liaise with XSEDE for the effective operation of the national resource.